Xcellent Enterprise Asset Management


When you are introduced to new people, there are always a get-to-know each other period. There is no difference when you hire consultants. You don’t know exactly where they stand before you worked together. To get to know the company you read about it. Most of the times you wont’ get a better understanding who you would prefer, because they say the same things with different words. Our belief is in making simple solutions in complex systems. Simplicity is our guideline, practically a rule that defines how we handle our businessWhat would that mean for you? You will have one contact person. One E-mail address and one phone number. That’s all you are going to need. Also, we are an impartial company, which means that we can help the customer regardless the supplier of the enterprise software.  Maybe you don’t need to know what the problem is when you call us. We are expeienced in jumping into organizations and reviewing workforce, identifying obstacles and propose solutions. Sounds simple enough? 

We believe in making simple differences in complex systems. 

Smarter EAM-solutions

Officially the name is Xeamit AB, day to day we call ourselves XEAM. Today we have more than hundred years of experience combined in business development, tuning and integration of enterprise software.  We help you with your systems physical assets for example maintenance, procurement, construction and document management. We make analysis and build strategies. We also know the more technical aspects of your systems like integrations, consolidations, deployment and infrastructure.  Our customers usually say that we are executers, advisors and educators in one. We like smart solutions!  Maybe we can help you too. Give us a call for further information.